Selected Works
JUGGLE is an app that takes the hard work out of finding good people to help busy families like yours juggle life's everyday demands—kids, pets, housework, homework.

Objective-C, Ruby on Rails, Angular
KRONOS is an Intelligent Portfolio Manager & Training system for small investors who want to invest directly and interested in financial markets but lack analytical guidance and support. KRONOS is a comprehensive analytical powerhouse able to identify investor's avatar, evaluate current portfolio performance and predict future results.

PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, MySQL, APIs
Lamden platform is the first end-to-end development suite for blockchain applications focused on creating new and custom blockchains and decentralized systems.

Python, MongoDB, ED25519, Capn Proto, Cython, C, UVLoop / LibUV, ZMQ
Abena is a manufacturer and wholesaler of healthcare solutions. The system was created to allow citizens and municipalities submit their requests for grant funds and reorder granted products. It is tightly integrated with existing complex Abena's systems.

Java, PHP, Laravel
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